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Health and Lifestyle Coaching for Success

Farm Life Fitness


Health and Lifestyle Coaching for Success

You’re ready to embrace a healthy AND balanced lifestyle.

You want to feel (and be) fit and strong.

You want personalised, professional support to help you

reach your health and lifestyle goals.

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That’s where I come in.

Hello! I’m Louise and I’m Chief Goal Getter at Farm Life Fitness.

I partner with you to create and implement a tailored health and lifestyle plan that reflects your unique needs and goals.

When you work with me, you get more than an encouraging personal trainer. I bring my university studies in sports therapy, 15 years of practical experience working with clients of all fitness levels, plus my practical and positive approach.

Not only this, but I can fully empathise with the worries and constraints you may have surrounding an agricultural life and/or vocation. I live it and breathe it every day and so do my husband and two young boys. It’s a great life, but it can be hard to time manage, spend time with your loved ones, stay fit and strong AND run a farm!

That being said, we’ll work on all pillars of lifestyle transformation – movement, nutrition, rest, family and work. You’ll be equipped with the physical and emotional tools that will empower you to make real lifestyle changes for you and those closest to you and achieve your goals.

Whether your goal is to get started with exercise, maintain your exercise whilst still ensuring farm life goes on, or you want to improve your mental and emotional health, Farm Life Fitness can help you achieve your goals.

Working with FLF has changed my life. I didn’t think it was possible to have that amount of weight loss and have achieved the health and general fitness improvements I have so soon after my second baby.  Louise is positive, motivating, reliable and sincere personal trainer who knows what I need, my limits and makes it happen.

Kylie Lawrence

Northam, Service: Fitness Coaching

Farm Life Fitness Services

Online 12-week Lifestyle Launchpad

Having trouble striking that balance between working on the farm, family time and time for yourself? Know you need a change for your mental and physical well-being but don’t know how? We can help you define your vision and goals and provide ongoing coaching for accountability and support with our 12-week program.

Join our Community

Want to make exercise a part of your lifestyle but your current lifestyle and/or location makes it tough to access expert support? Feel like living rurally is really effecting your social life? Join our online community and make the most of everything we have to offer to help your change your health and lifestlye.

Fitness Coaching on your farm

Live in Western Australia? Work with an experienced health and lifestyle coach in your home and on your farm for up to 4 days.

The first time I ‘met’ (via Zoom video conference!) Louise, she made my headaches disappear, practically overnight! I had been getting bad tension headaches that I had put down to having two young children and balancing working from home with a busy home life. Louise asked me a number of questions and quickly pinpointed that my home office set-up was to blame. A few easy tweaks to my set-up was all it took to get my neck and back into alignment and those headaches vanished! It was such a relief! Louise has also written at-home strength programs for me to complete to help with my running schedule, all without ever needing to meet in-person (though would love to, one day!)

Erin Roberts

Sydney, Service: Online Fitness Coaching

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