Beginners Strength & Conditioning

Movement quality is important to support you through a lifetime of health and fitness.

Movement quality depends upon the dynamic range of motion (ROM) around joints and control of the muscles and joints.

ROM depends on joint mobility and muscle flexibility. Control of movement, therefore, depends on the interaction between mobility, flexibility, and stability.


Do you sit down in an office each day? How do you get on and off the toilet? That’s a squat!


Do you reach up and put things away in your cupboards? Looks like an overhead press to me!


How many times are you picking up your laundry basket each day? Nice deadlift!


Getting up and down off the ground playing lego with your kids? Awesome lunge!

What do I need for this course?

  • Access to a computer, phone, laptop or iPad
  • Internet connection
  • A comfortable workout mat
  • A water bottle
  • Equipment:
    • minimum 1 pair of dumbbells
    • a small step or stool.
  • Extras:
    • resistance band
    • kettlebell, barbell, or additional sets of dumbbells.

Meet your trainer

Profile photo of Stacey Carter

Hi, I’m Stacey,

For the last 10 years, I’ve been working in the mining industry in Kalgoorlie. During that time, I fell in love with Crossfit, which led me to become a Crossfit Coach, then onto Strength & Conditioning and Olympic Weightlifting.

Once I had my son, I began to appreciate that working out needs to look different once you
become a mum. Your time is precious; we need to keep our minds and bodies fit and strong to take on the demands of motherhood and everything else life throws at us.

You may think that strength and conditioning work is only for those wanting to ‘bulk up’. I assure you it’s not. It’s about becoming stronger and fitter than you thought possible and transferring what I can teach you into the real world.

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