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To create happier, healthier, more sustainable lifestyles for farmers and their families. Our team of experts dedicate themselves to providing accessible, evidence-based fitness, health and wellness solutions for those living and working in rural Australia.

Profile photo of Louise O'Neill

Louise O’Neill

Farm Life Fitness Director and HIIT coach

With a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Sports Therapy, expert technical knowledge of human movement, and a Bachelor of Psychology and Counselling, Louise offers an integrated, functional approach to health and wellness built upon her five pillars of lifestyle transformation; Food, Movement, Work, Connection, and Rest.

“I use my knowledge, empathy and experience to guide people in agriculture towards sustainable change. So they can become leaders in their own right for themselves, their children and their communities.”

Drawing on more than fifteen years of experience in helping people achieve their health and lifestyle goals, Louise has gained significant knowledge and insight on how to create lasting change in your life. In Farm Life Fitness, Louise makes that knowledge accessible through expert courses, a thriving membership community, personalised coaching and speaking at events.

“I want farmers to realise they need to step back to push forward.”

Get to know Louise:

Cooking, music, travelling, and her family are just some of Louise’s greatest loves.

Absolute MARVEL fan (or any ‘beat ‘em up’ action).

You’ll often find Louise with her nose in a book learning something new.

Whether it’s running, biking, hiking, hockey or AFL, Louise is on the go All the time.

“I did a personality test once; it said that I would never turn down a challenge or a new experience, and that is 100% me.”

Josie Thomson

Farm Life Fitness Coach and Louise’s ‘right-hand woman’

Josie has a Cert 3 in personal training and leads regular classes in the Farm Life Fitness community, focusing on fitness and tone. As the community ‘go-to’ person, Josie is deeply passionate about the online community and helping the women who are members create medicine out of movement!

“To wake up early and have time to yourself while getting the heart rate up does wonders for your mind, body & soul.”

Josie has been a Konga instructor, swimming teacher for infant & school-aged kiddies, and personal trainer. She enjoys getting people in the community up and active, so she has started a swim squad for adults and running groups to help keep up the motivation and accountability.

Profile photo of Josie Thomson

Get to know Josie:

Since having her three kids, Josie realised she needed more ‘me time’, so she’s never been more active.

Josie loves learning and trying new sports such as golf, trail running, open ocean swimming, triathlons… and more

All that energy Josie brings to serve the members of the FLF community

“I truly love and believe in all that FLF stands for and what we offer.”

Profile photo of Kasse Mccummiskey

Kasse McCummiskey

Farm Life Fitness Coach

Kasse teaches online classes for Farm Life Fitness that focus on stretching and mobilising the body. She is a qualified Personal Trainer who loves witnessing her client’s progression and helping them smash their goals.

“Not all exercise needs to be high intensity. Including at least one stretching session in your week can be the best way to give the body what it needs. I always offer modifications in class so that all fitness levels and abilities can participate.”

Working in the Fitness Industry for over 15 years, Kasse started as a group exercise instructor teaching a wide array of classes beginning with classic HiLo Aerobics before moving into techniques such as LesMills® BodyPump, RPM and Body Balance. Add in some class creations of her own, including Aqua Aerobics and now Pilates – Phew! Kasse does the lot!

Get to know Kasse:

Keen baker and delights in modifying recipes to be healthier.

Completed the Busselton Jetty Swim three times.

Loves the smell of coffee and toast in the morning.

Enjoys road cycling with her husband, spending time with her favourite people, and sipping Pina Coladas.

“It is a love I plan on doing for the rest of my life.”

Stacey Carter

Farm Life Fitness Coach

Stacey is the FLF pre and post-pregnancy specialist for exercise and wellness with a background in CrossFit and Strength & Conditioning. Her qualifications include Female Athlete Level 1 coach (with Antony Lo, The Physio Detective), pregnancy and postpartum athleticism coach, and postpartum doula.

“After I had my son, I appreciated that working out looks different once you’re a mum”

Stacy helps women navigate the transition to motherhood. She understands how precious your time is as a mother and that keeping your mind and body fit allows you to take on the challenges of a mum (and everything else life throws at you).

Profile photo of Stacey Carter

Get to know Stacey:

Mum to a 3-year-old son and currently enjoying life in New Caledonia for a few years!

Incredibly passionate about mothers, motherhood and all that it includes.

Stacey loves diving, which she says “is the one thing in life that also makes me incredibly anxious and nervous.”

Loves reading, listening to podcasts and learning (and a good glass of red wine).

“Our bodies are incredible and change a lot during this particular time. We need to make modifications to ensure that we protect our bodies for a lifetime of health and fitness.”

Trainer Naomi doing yoga

Naomi Pattinson

Farm Life Fitness Coach

With a Cert 3 in floor pilates and over 10 years in the industry, Naomi is the Pilates expert in the FLF Team!

She is passionate when it comes to helping anyone of any fitness level realise what a strong and healthy core can do for every aspect of their life. She is a strong believer in showing people that it’s not just about getting out a mat and doing crunches and planks. Pilates is about being functionally fit and strong so that activities in daily life can be done without pain or injury.

“Just because we don’t work up a sweat and increase our heart rate to the max, does not mean we are not working!”

Safety and stability are her main priorities when she develops her courses or works with clients and she appreciates that no two bodies are the same.

She is also our backup FLF Community instructor, so you may see her from time to time taking you through a pilates workout!

Get to know Naomi:

Loves Triathlons and anything that challenges her mentally and physically at the same time.

Has a degree in dance as well as teaching

A Favourite pass time is to sit in a cafe and enjoy a cuppa and cake... or maybe a glass of wine and cake!

“I love the challenge that comes with suiting pilates to the need of the individual rather than the other way around. Only when we work this way can we see real change.”

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