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I joined Farm Life Fitness Community in September 2020 after trying a few other online programs. Fast forward to 2022 and I’m still here and still loving it!

I love the fact that I can do the classes whenever I like, without an audience and at my own pace. I also don’t think there has ever been a workout that has been done before. Not that I have gone through the hundreds that we have available to use whenever we like but I’m certain there isn’t!

The girls are extremely supportive & encouraging. The emphasis is never on weight or size but rather on movement for mental health & making time for yourself.

It’s a great Community to be part of!


Denmark, WA

Farm Life Fitness GROWTH courses.

Beginners Strength and Conditioning

Movement quality is important to support you through a lifetime of health and fitness.

Beginners Pilates Course

The benefits of Pilates are endless, but for those suffering from non-significant, chronic lower back pain, it can help ease the pain and discomfort

Seeking more support?

If you’re interested in joining a like-minded community who supports each other towards better health and fitness every day, jump over and check out the Farm Life Fitness Community and see if it’s the right fit for you.

Spend more time looking after your livestock or machinery than you do yourself?

Getting (and staying) Farm Fit helps improve not only your health but also your happiness and productivity too!

There can also be the risk of injury or ineffective exercise if we don't move properly or have good technique.

I want you to move safely and effectively.

Watch my technique video designed to take you through the 4 foundational exercises/movements that make up any circuit, exercise routine, or functional movement you will do.

This video is focused on decreasing your risk of injury and increasing the effectiveness of your movement.


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