FLF joins forces with CBA

Farm Life Fitness joins forces with Commonwealth Bank agri team and clients

FLF is set to become more readily accessible for a number of people in the rural landscape, thanks to a six-month sponsorship from the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA).

FLF’s partnership with CBA grants CBA’s agri team and their immediate family members with complimentary access to the FLF Community, which includes group fitness workouts, mental health and wellness content, and more.
Additionally, CBA agri clients will benefit from exclusive discounts on FLF Community memberships,
online counselling, and other FLF services.

The collaboration will be in place from June to December this year, with capacity for an ongoing
relationship in the future.

We are delighted with this collaboration! When CBA recognise that their staff deserve the best interventions and tools when it comes to supporting them to become mentally and physically stronger, FLF sees it as a privilege and honour to be involved. We are so grateful that CBA see the value in what we do, how we do it, and why we do it.

CBA agribusiness executive Kristen Huey said the partnership was an important way of ensuring people
had access to wellbeing services, no matter the location.
“The importance of community, self-care, and safe space become so much more significant in the face of
adverse conditions and with the increased distance to services and support,” Huey said.
“After years of following the phenomenal work Louise O’Neill has done in this space, the opportunity to
introduce a community platform to our team, during a challenging period for primary producers, is really
“We need to keep connecting, chatting, and checking-in during the difficult and simpler seasons, and I
love that the FLF community can help to bring people together regardless of their location.”
For CBA agri team members and clients wanting to access the FLF Community, please email admin@farmlifefitness.com.au.

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