Webinar – Food, Glorious Food




Food, Glorious Food! Wednesday 4 November 7:30pm WST

We all need it and the majority of us love it too. Myself included!
But, let’s be honest sometimes we can love the ‘wrong’ food a bit more than we should.  Think about the foods we ‘crave’ as opposed to the foods we need.  And think about the times of the day we crave those foods.
Let’s also think about the huge amount of diets that are marketed to us on a frequent basis.  How many have you tried? How successful have you been?  How long has that success lasted before we return to our old ways and habits?
Farm Life Fitness does not advocate diets at all, on any level.  What we do advocate is healthy eating, enjoying food and understanding how our emotional and mental well-being can affect what, why and when we eat.   We also invest a lot of time encouraging our members to think about how changing our habits and thinking around food can go a long way to impacting our choices, but making these changes easy and sustainable.
Join us for our next webinar where we chat about food and our choices on Wednesday 4 November at 7:30pm WST.


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